Sacred Play

Inner Child Retreat for Women

September 30 - October 2, 2022
Mount Shasta, California

A playful and healing immersion for your inner child

Is your inner child yearning to come out and play?

Are you ready to connect with your inner child?

Are you yearning for connection with like-minded women?

Are you longing for a weekend dedicated to healing, having fun, and reconnecting to your purest joy?

Sister, it's time...

It's time to break away from the busy-ness of life that sweeps us away and keeps us from connecting to our truth.

It's time to peel away the layers of conditioning to come home to ourselves.

It's time to reclaim the parts of ourselves that have been squashed and rejected.

It's time to fill our cups so we can be the best versions of ourselves.

It's time to gather in a high frequency container and see what's possible.

It's time to heal. It's time to play.

Sacred Play Retreat
September 30 - October 2, 2022

The Sacred Play Retreat is a sacred immersion for magnificent women like you who are looking for the healing, embodiment and transformation that cannot be achieved by learning more information.

This will be an embodied transformation that is beyond words.

You’ll be treated to the following experiences on this magical weekend journey:

Inner Child Healing

Breathwork Journey

Sound Healing Journey

Playful Inner Child Yoga

Artistic Expression

Inner Child Self Expression Movement Journey

Sister Circles - your safe space to be seen and heard

Slumber Party Girl-Time

Town exploration Sunday afternoon (shopping and lunch on your own)

Vegetarian Meals Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, & dinner, Sunday breakfast

Your Sacred Investment:

Private room (queen bed & sleeper sofa, 1 available):

Shared room (twin bed, 6 available):
$777 per person

Air mattress (1 available):

$555 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot
Balance due by August 30, 2022

VIP 1:1 Upgrade:

Add 2 one-on-one calls (one before the retreat, and one after for integration)
Plus 4 weeks of chat & energetic support


Are you ready to reclaim your magic, embrace joy, play with a like-minded sisterhood, and reconnect with your true essence?

The Magic of Connecting with your Inner Child

For decades of my life, I focused on mindset work - money mindset, entrepreneur mindset, and so on.

When I reconnected with my inner child, I healed on a level I had not yet experienced. I've been able to give my younger self what she did not receive as a child.

The more I allow the playfulness of my inner child to be expressed, the more at home I feel with myself.

That is why I created this retreat.

Retreat Experiences

During this weekend journey, we will reconnect with your inner child for healing and unleash your full-blown self-expression.

Inner Child Healing Ceremony
After connecting in sisterhood, you will be guided in a journey to reconnect with your inner child in a powerful healing experience.

Breathwork Journey
Unprocessed emotions and traumas get stuck in the body and become energetic blocks that can hold you back in life, effect your relationships, and even cause physical pain. This powerful breathwork journey, paired with energy healing, will allow your subconscious mind to clear these energetic distortions, bringing you more into alignment and allowing you to access new possibilities.

Sound Healing Journey
Following the breathwork journey, you will experience a full-body sound massage through the vibrations and frequencies of sound. Feel a sense of deep relaxation as blocked energy is moved and your entire being is cleansed.

Inner Child Yoga Practice
Connect with the playfulness of your inner child and connect mind and body in this playful yoga practice.

Artistic Expression
A creative expression experience.

Inner Child Self Expression Movement Journey
Drop fully into your body and open to your fullest expression of self to an intentionally crafted playlist.

Sharing Circles
In this safe and sacred space, you will have the opportunity to share the truth of your heart and your experience. As women, we often feel apologetic for taking up space, for talking "too much." Let yourself be seen and heard, to take up space.

Slumber Party Girl-Time
Giggle with the girls as we connect before bedtime.

Vegetarian Meals: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast
*Vegan accommodations can be provided upon request

Shared Accommodations (individual twin bed) in a crystal-gridded house in the magical land of Mount Shasta.
*One private queen bedroom available.

Nature Walk
Connect to the energy of the Mount Shasta vortex on a nature walk.

Town Exploration
Town exploration Sunday afternoon (shopping and lunch not included).

Energy Vortex
Mount Shasta is the root chakra of the earth, and an energy vortex. You will receive activations from being in its energies that will be transformative in and of itself.

Travel and transportation to and from the retreat are not included.

My vision is a world where everyone is leading from within, birthing creations from their soul essence.

Tiffany Jade

I’m a Soul Alignment Guide, Intuitive Coach, and Facilitator of Healing. I am an activator of the light that already lies within.

For a long time I followed what I believed was the path to success and fulfillment - climbing the corporate ladder, achieving the external markers of success - until it started to feel hollow. But I felt stuck with the golden handcuffs of a successful career.

Then I became a stay-at-home mom and dedicated myself to raising my children. But I found myself feeling lost, not sure who I was anymore. I’d lost my identity, so I began her search for deeper meaning and purpose.

When I restarted my yoga practice after a brief hiatus, I noticed that I was becoming a more patient mom. I knew there was something special there, and felt the call to train as a yoga teacher. I built a thriving business teaching private and corporate yoga and fitness, and found home within myself in the process.

Then an experience that brought me to my knees taught me so much about myself.

I let myself feel all the feelings, feelings I had been unknowingly repressing, and learned the power of vulnerability.

As a highly strategic and logic-driven person, surrender didn’t come easy, but I ended up unlocking a new level of freedom, uncovered the deeper meaning in my life and achieved radical alignment with my unique path and purpose.

And now I’m here to hold space for you so you can experience the same transformation and clarity with guidance and support.

I envision a world where everyone creates from their own unique essence and lives a life of true fulfillment.

Photo: Sophia Williams

When women gather, incredible things happen

As women gather in safe and sacred space, a certain magic happens. The walls we've built around our hearts start to melt. The division and comparison between sisters starts to fade. It feels safe to be vulnerable. We feel seen and heard. We connect on a level that is powerful beyond measure. We reconnect to the magic that lies within. That is how we change the world.

If you’ve been longing for deep connection, wish to understand the impact of true alignment and embodiment, and share your challenges and wins with women who are one with your vision, this is it.

"I have to share how strongly I recommend Tiffany Jade's retreats! In November I attended her half day retreat which ended up being a huge catalyst of change for me. My experience that day was exactly what I needed to help me step through the doorway to this next healing, transformational chapter of my life. I will be forever grateful to Tiffany for this. That evening, I came home & created this group that had been calling me for so long. Trust me when I tell you, you aren't gonna want to miss this. 🙏💖✨️"
- Sarah Inclán

"Beautiful retreat, well organized and sooo powerful! Thank you Tiffany for holding compassionately safe energy container for all of us to experience peace and tranquility 🙏❤️😇"
- Irema Sivcevic

"I’ve been a part of two moon rituals with Tiffany and each time I came out more clear and feeling incredibly aligned. It is clear that when you’re in ceremony with her you know you are being guided by someone truly gifted. The specialness that is Tiffany is that I felt so held and in such a special space. She’s a goddess in her own right and it’s incredible to be led and guided by her."
- Christy Dole

Retreat Location

The retreat will be held in a crystal-gridded house located at the base of Black Butte & Mt Shasta on 4 sacred acres. It is a sacred space with mid-century modern, spiritual sensory decor throughout the home. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 private bathrooms, 2,800 sq ft, 3-car garage, jacuzzi room, meditation room, reading lounge area, and cozy fireplace living room. Organic lotion, soaps, shampoo & conditioner, hair dryers, dish soap all provided.

Retreat Accommodations

Shared Accommodations (individual bed) or one private queen bedroom available

Twin bed in shared accommodations
Twin bed in shared accommodations
Twin bed in shared accommodations
Queen bed in private room
Queen bed in private room


If you cancel at least 60 days prior to the retreat, you will receive a full refund. Within 60 days, you will be able to transfer your payment to another mutually agreeable offering by Tiffany Jade. 

Absolutely. You are welcome to sell or gift your booking if you are unable to attend. You can also apply your payment to another mutually agreeable offering.

No, travel and transportation to and from the retreat are not included.

Still have questions? Email tiffanyjade777@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 3 business days.

Let your inner child come out and play

Photo: Sophia Williams

"Using words to describe such a magical session is hard. Every step of the guided meditation with Tiffany opened my heart to receive and allow my female energy to express and soarI felt allowed, held, and powerful. Thank you dear sister."
- Johanna Salazar

"I’ve just had an Akashic records reading with Tiffany and a healing session. Both were absolutely amazing. The way Tiffany channels spirit and her higher self into the appointments is absolutely incredible. I can’t even describe it. I’ve witnessed her walk a friend of mine through a massive breakthrough which was so beautiful to watch and now I can say I’ve just had one for myself! She’s helped me release stuck emotions that I was carrying for far too long. She combines her own knowledge and wisdom with knowings channeled from spirit to give the BEST advice and guidance. Master of creating a safe space for you to heal, transmute what’s no longer serving you, and level up! Having Tiffany to work with is a total game changer and is going to elevate my life and business in every way! Thank you Tiff!"
- Emily Brandt

"Your meditation and affirmation session was profound. It blew my mind how much I felt a connection to your work. You guided me to a place of trust and I was able to let my guard down and receive. Thank you Tiffany!"

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