What would like be like if...

You rose above the fear and scarcity of the world?

You claimed your sovereignty?

You opened to the unlimited abundance available to you?

Spirit is Abundant.

We are Spirit.

Therefore, we are Abundant.

Money can never be “lost”.  It is never “wasted.”  It continually flows to where it’s allowed and where it’s received.

We need to tune into the frequency of our inherited abundance to receive it.

We are stewards of money.  We allow money to flow through us and direct it to causes, experiences, things, that allow us to expand and that allow the universe/ source consciousness to expand. 

We get to play with money.  Money is just energy and we need to relearn our relationship to it.

Be aware of our limiting beliefs or belief systems (BS) around money.

We are receptors of money, it’s just the width of our aperture, that determines how much of a flow of abundance we allow in.

We don’t have to believe what the news is telling us about a recession and to “hold” on to our money. 
We can choose to believe that we are abundant and live in an abundant universe and there is plenty for everyone
Consider there are more millionaires today than there ever has been.

You can’t hold onto money, for money is part of the flow of life.
Money/ abundance is growing and ever expanding just like the universe. 

Do you want to choose to believe in lack and scarcity or do you want to open your arms up wide and choose abundance for you and for all?

I choose to know myself as abundance. I know I live in an abundant universe as I am reminded of this every day when I look all around at the abundance of leaves on a tree, abundance of water in the ocean, abundance of air to breathe, abundance of stars in the moonlit sky, abundance of atoms and molecules I am made of, abundance is EVERYWHERE.  It is WHO WE ARE.  Abundance just IS. 

You are invited to join us to tend to the sacred heart within.

Prosperous Priestess
October 2022 - October 2023

The Prosperous Priestess Modern Day Mystery School is a return to the wisdom of our sacred hearts.

This is a sacred space for mystery work. We will be tending to our inner sacred gardens.

We will move through the following gateways during this transformational 13-month journey:

Sacred Womb
Goddess Isis
Ether Element
The Womb of Divine Mother, healing our birth trauma and mother stories

Sacred Chalice
Earth Element
Tending to the Sacred Chalice of our human body
Coming into harmony with our self talk

Sacred Blood
Water Element
The Holy Menses - Gift of Life
Rewriting stories around our Moon Cycles

Sacred Sexuality
Air Element
Healing around our sexuality
Recognizing the Horus within our relationships with others and ourselves
Power of the breath

Sacred Voice
Goddess Hathor
Fire Element
The power of our words - spoken and written
Break old vows
Renew vow to selves

Sacred Being
Ether Element
Recognition of self as a multidimensional being
Playing with the electrons to heal timelines

Sacred Earth
White Buffalo Woman
Earth Element
Healing ourselves by healing our connection with Mother Earth
Animal Totems
Crystal Grids

Sacred Self
Quan Yin
Water Element
Self-Love and Self-Compassion
Holding the wounded inner child and returning her to the Phoenix Child

Sacred Abundance
Green Tara
Fire Element
Burning away any attachments to our suffering so that we may return to the Bliss and Happiness that is our birthright
We are born pure, innocent, worthy…nothing can take that from us
Abundance is our birthright

Sacred Angel
Mary Magdalene
Air Element
Calling on the Angels and claiming ourselves as Earth Angels

Sacred Creation
Sophia Dragons
All 5 Elements
Power of Creation
Creating New Solutions from Sophia Christ Consciousness

We were born for THIS!

Sacred Heart
Mother Mary
Sacred Geometry
The Spiral of our heart
Learning the Art of Sacred Space

Sacred Vows
All Ascended Masters of the Sophia Code
All Elements
Celebration of being Reborn Anew
Taking VOWS of Mastery
Being Seen in our New Light with Inspired Next Action Steps

The Details

You’ll be supported in the following ways on this magical 13-month journey:

Monthly 1:1 healing calls that will be structured to support your individual needs (alternating between Tiffany & Keli each month).

Monthly day retreats in-person in Sonoma County one Saturday a month

Monthly Sharing Circles virtual - join from the comfort of your home

Retreat Dates:
October 15, 2022
November 12, 2022
December 10, 2022
January 7, 2023
February 4, 2023
March 4, 2023
April 1, 2023
May 13, 2023
June 24, 2023
July 22, 2023
August 19, 2023
September 16, 2023
October 14, 2023

Your Investment

13-month Prosperous Priestess Program

$5,555 early-bird pay-in-full (save $217)

$444/month early-bird payment plan (13 payments)


Early Registration Bonus: Pay-in-full bonus: Receive a complimentary 1:1 Breathwork session and a complimentary 1:1 Color Puncture or Reiki session

Pay in full:

If not now, when?

I get it. You are too busy! You have no time.

Has this story that has been serving you well?

Now is THE TIME to change our story around TIME.

We are where TIME initiates from. We choose where we place our attention and intention at any given moment.

Don’t have the money to invest in yourself?

Again, I ask the question, if not, when? Will you wait till you’re sick and have no choice but to slow down? Will you wait till your too miserable at your job that you either quit or they fire you?

Life will always show up for you as a mirror to what’s happening within.

When we focus on raising our energy the entire world around us shifts to meet us where we are at. Our new level on consciousness or new level of being or new level of playing.

It’s time to play out loud, dance out loud, sing out loud, love ourselves unapologetically!

As we play in this sacred container we will remember we are unlimited, powerful beings…meaning we create TIME, We are TIME. We are ONE with it all.

We have been settling for a life less than fulfilling for all the wrong reasons. We have been conditioned since birth to believe that time is limited, that we are sinners, that we are not worthy of bliss, that we should play it “safe”, that we can find happiness in a new house, car, pair of shoes, mate, etc. Everything outside of ourselves.

But the Truth is that our Happiness and Bliss is an inside job. I know you know this, but maybe we haven’t been taught the right questions to ask ourselves. Maybe this Happiness within has not been modeled to us.

I can tell you I thought I was happy, but I still felt like “There’s got to be something more” and there is!

There is more of ME to discover, just as there is MORE OF YOU to discover, because we are UNLIMITED, always EXPANDING Beings. We are Source/ God consciousness in FORM. We’ve come here to play big and learn how magnificent we are so that we may anchor GOD consciousness on this planet that is currently overrun with our suffering.

This powerful 13-month container is a collaboration between Keli, Tiffany, and YOU, the participants. And NONE of us will be the same when we are done with this 13 month journey.

We will realize our true power and will not settle for anything less.

You are invited to join us to tend to the sacred heart within


I believe in the power of women and sisterhood. I believe in the divine nature of all women that often lies dormant.

Hey, I’m Tiffany - Soul Alignment Guide, Intuitive Coach, and Facilitator of Healing. I am an activator of light.

For a long time I followed what I believed was the path to success and fulfillment - climbing the corporate ladder, achieving the external markers of success - until it started to feel hollow. But I felt stuck with the golden handcuffs of a successful career.

Then I became a stay-at-home mom and dedicated myself to raising my children. But I found myself feeling lost, not sure who I was anymore. I’d lost my identity, so I began her search for deeper meaning and purpose.

When I restarted my yoga practice after a brief hiatus, I noticed that I was becoming a more patient mom. I knew there was something special there, and felt the call to train as a yoga teacher. I built a thriving business teaching private and corporate yoga and fitness, and found home within myself in the process.

Then an experience that brought me to my knees taught me so much about myself.

I let myself feel all the feelings, feelings I had been unknowingly repressing, and learned the power of vulnerability.

As a highly strategic and logic-driven person, surrender didn’t come easy, but I ended up unlocking a new level of freedom, uncovered the deeper meaning in my life and achieved radical alignment with my unique path and purpose.

And now I’m here to hold space for you so you can experience the same transformation and clarity with guidance and support.

I envision a world where everyone creates from their own unique essence and lives a life of true fulfillment.

Photo: Sophia Williams

My mission it to awaken each of us to the pure essence of LOVE that we are...

Keli Meagher

I am a Divine Feminine Mentor and Guide, Sophia Circle Journey Leader, Homeopath, a Cacao Ceremonialist, and Spiritual Counselor.

My mission it to awaken each of us to the pure essence of LOVE that we are. Awaken us to the remembrance that we are holy and sacred beings, and in this recognition of ourselves we will take better care of ourselves, we will take better care of Mother Earth, we can show up fully for others, and so much more. We are holy, expansive, unlimited beings which have been cut off from our true powers due to this overriding conditioning of fear and separation and it's time to remember our power.

The LOVE that we each are, will create a Tidal Wave of Love around the planet.

This is why I hold Sophia Circle Journeys, which awaken us to our sovereign divinity and ceremonial cacao to drop us into our hearts. These are pivotal times, and we need to take care of ourselves, show up for ourselves, before we can take care of others. I am here to help guide you into this deep remembrance. You are never alone, always supported, and we are in this together. Together we RISE. Together we LOVE.

My mission is to serve your heart as you awaken to the truth of your sovereignty. The Sophia Code is the blueprint to remember you are LOVED.

Cacao is medicine for our hearts and for these pivotal times. Come experience the LOVE and CONNECTION to all that IS, all that you ARE.

When women gather, incredible things happen

As women gather in safe and sacred space, a certain magic happens. The walls we've built around our hearts start to melt. The division and comparison between sisters starts to fade. It feels safe to be vulnerable. We feel seen and heard. We connect on a level that is powerful beyond measure. We reconnect to the magic that lies within. That is how we change the world.

If you’ve been longing for deep connection, wish to feel the impact of true alignment and embodiment, and share with women who are one with your vision, this is it.

"Using words to describe such a magical session is hard. Every step of the guided meditation with Tiffany opened my heart to receive and allow my female energy to express and soarI felt allowed, held, and powerful. Thank you dear sister."
- Johanna Salazar

"I’ve been a part of two moon rituals with Tiffany and each time I came out more clear and feeling incredibly aligned. It is clear that when you’re in ceremony with her you know you are being guided by someone truly gifted. The specialness that is Tiffany is that I felt so held and in such a special space. She’s a goddess in her own right and it’s incredible to be led and guided by her."
- Christy Dole

"Your meditation and affirmation session was profound. It blew my mind how much I felt a connection to your work. You guided me to a place of trust and I was able to let my guard down and receive. Thank you Tiffany!"


Due to the nature of the program, we do not offer refunds. However, we are here to support your growth in the best way possible.

There are many layers to peel through when you begin your journey inwards. While some blocks can be transmuted immediately, other patterns may take longer to shift. We realize it takes courage to stay on the path.

This is a 13-month commitment to explore your spiritual path, create a deeper connection with your Soul, create alignment with your purpose, rise above disempowering patterns, embody your shifts (rather than only working on your mindset), and build lasting friendships with women who share your vision.

We cannot control how you show up to the program, so we are unable to guarantee results. We are here to support you and facilitate your transformation. If you stay committed to the journey, we are confident you’ll see incredible shifts.

Click the payment plan button for the option you choose.

Email tiffanyjade777@gmail.com or kelimeagher@hotmail.com  and we will get back to you

Past Events

"I’ve just had an Akashic records reading with Tiffany and a healing session. Both were absolutely amazing. The way Tiffany channels spirit and her higher self into the appointments is absolutely incredible. I can’t even describe it. I’ve witnessed her walk a friend of mine through a massive breakthrough which was so beautiful to watch and now I can say I’ve just had one for myself! She’s helped me release stuck emotions that I was carrying for far too long. She combines her own knowledge and wisdom with knowings channeled from spirit to give the BEST advice and guidance. Master of creating a safe space for you to heal, transmute what’s no longer serving you, and level up! Having Tiffany to work with is a total game changer and is going to elevate my life and business in every way! Thank you Tiff!"
- Emily Brandt