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As a priestess, spiritual life coach, and soul alignment guide, my super power is creating energetic alignment and healing the root of your wounds.

This is the sacred container where we will work together to clear any energetic blockages, heal core wounds, embody the divine feminine, and create alignment so you can find home within, live your most authentic life, and achieve everything you want faster and easier.

You will shed conditioning and limiting beliefs, reconnect to your intuition, and open your spiritual gifts. I will hold a safe and sacred space for you to be vulnerable and let your authentic self be seen and heard. I will guide you in your journey to self love, self actualization, and fulfillment.

"I’ve just had an Akashic records reading with Tiffany and a healing session. Both were absolutely amazing. The way Tiffany channels spirit and her higher self into the appointments is absolutely incredible. I can’t even describe it. I’ve witnessed her walk a friend of mine through a massive breakthrough which was so beautiful to watch and now I can say I’ve just had one for myself! She’s helped me release stuck emotions that I was carrying for far too long. She combines her own knowledge and wisdom with knowings channeled from spirit to give the BEST advice and guidance. Master of creating a safe space for you to heal, transmute what’s no longer serving you, and level up! Having Tiffany to work with is a total game changer and is going to elevate my life and business in every way! Thank you Tiff!"
- Emily Brandt

"I loved working with Tiffany! I presented her one of my difficultest issues, and she just kept guiding me with babysteps, going back and forth, as I needed it, and stayed strongly by my side. She held the the space so safely, giving me huge permission for the strongest, darkest feelings and let me see not only the beauty but also the inevitability of claiming that power within myself. I felt how connected she is with spirit and the elements. yes, she certainly is a priestess of phoenix. Only within an hour over zoom I felt much lighter and relieved from a major life topic of my inner child. Thank you so much, dear Tiffany!
- Irene Kainz

Drop into your heart

Are you feeling your soul dance and your heart expand?
Your soul knows if this is right for you.
Check in with your body and notice what she's telling you.

Schedule a complimentary connection call to see if this is for you.

This is for the woman who:

Feels a yearning for a more fulfilling and authentic life
Wants to trust her inner guidance and make decisions from a place of alignment
Wants to distinguish between ego resistance and soul guidance
Has perhaps achieved external success, but has an inner knowing that something more is available
Has done some mindset work and is ready for embodiment
Has taken courses and is ready to create from within
Is ready to clear trauma and stuck emotions
Wants to move more from feminine energy
Is ready for inner child healing and shadow work
Wants to create a soul-aligned, heart-based income
Wants more ease and flow in life
Takes responsibility for her life or is ready to begin
Feels intuitively guided to it, even if it doesn't "make sense"
Wants to learn how to impact the energy of her relationship to create a foundation for harmony

"Using words to describe such a magical session is hard. Every step of the guided meditation with Tiffany opened my heart to receive and allow my female energy to express and soarI felt allowed, held, and powerful. Thank you dear sister."
- Johanna Salazar

"I’ve been a part of two moon rituals with Tiffany and each time I came out more clear and feeling incredibly aligned. It is clear that when you’re in ceremony with her you know you are being guided by someone truly gifted. The specialness that is Tiffany is that I felt so held and in such a special space. She’s a goddess in her own right and it’s incredible to be led and guided by her."
- Christy Dole

"Your meditation and affirmation session was profound. It blew my mind how much I felt a connection to your work. You guided me to a place of trust and I was able to let my guard down and receive. Thank you Tiffany!"

Your Sacred Investment

Enter the Womb
3 months
Includes: 12 weekly sessions

6 months
Includes: 24 weekly sessions

9 months
Includes: 36 weekly sessions
Bonus: Access to Sovereign Soul Circle Membership for 9 months

1 year
Includes: 52 weekly sessions
Bonuses: Access to Sovereign Soul Circle Membership for 12 months
Private breathwork and sound healing journey in Sonoma County OR $222 off private Goddess VIP Day (in-person or virtual)

All containers include weekly sessions up to 90 minutes each.
You may opt to use Telegram chat support for 5 consecutive business days in lieu of any week's call.

Custom packages and payment plans available.
3 spots currently available.

Message me with any questions or schedule a call to explore working together in your journey

Are you feeling your
soul dance and your heart expand?
Your soul knows if this is right for you.
Check in with your body and notice what she's telling you.

If we've connected and feel a mutual fit, click the button below to take this step in your journey.

Payment plan options listed at the link above

Smaller packages listed below

Higher Self Sessions
Package of 3 or 5 1:1 Sessions


Each session is divinely guided for your highest alignment. It might include coaching, channeled guidance, channeled healing, multidimensional journeys, connecting to your intuition and cultivating your spiritual gifts, breathwork, energy work, inner child healing, mindset, subconscious reprogramming, guidance and support in creating or growing a soul-aligned business, embodiment practices, womb healing, mother wound healing, father wound healing, witch wound healing, practices to clear trapped emotions, Rapid Resolution Therapy. 

I’m happy to schedule a connection call to help guide you to the answer within you. It is important to discern between soul guidance and ego. Ego can lead us to saying no out of fear, or to saying yes from a place of need or lack. I’ve made decisions from ego in the past, and I don’t want that for you. I desire for every person that works with me to be aligned and committed to the journey. Schedule a connection call to find the answer within you. 

Yes! If you have or desire to create a soul-aligned business, I will guide you to connect to your aligned actions and support you in staying true to your unique gifts. I also have a background in web design and can support you in optimizing your website to attract clients through web search, as well as other sources not limited to social media.

Even if you don’t have a clue what business you could create, I can support you in uncovering that and birthing it into the world.

Up to 90 minutes. We might complete in less time, but I will be available for the full 90 minutes for anything you’d like to address.

Yes, I offer customizable packages. 

For example, if you’d like weekly breathwork and/or yoga sessions in addition to weekly coaching/healing sessions for a deeper embodiment. 

Yes, you may opt to use Voxer or Telegram chat support for 5 business days in lieu of that week’s call.

Message me or schedule a call to discuss a custom container that suits your desires.

Sessions must be rescheduled with at least 48 hours notice. I ask that this be minimal to respect that the space is held in my schedule for you. 2 weeks notice is much appreciated.

No-show sessions will be forfeited.

Depending on the length of your container, a certain number of sessions may be rescheduled within 48 hours due to illness or emergency. 

If possible, sessions will be rescheduled for the same week. Up to a certain number of sessions may be added to the end of the container if they are not able to be rescheduled within the original container.

Extenuating circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If anything happens where I am unavailable for a call, it will be rescheduled for the same week, if possible, or added to the end of the container.

Yes. You are welcome to meet in my home temple in Santa Rosa for our sessions.

I am here to support you in addressing anything that comes up along your journey, including anything I trigger in you. Sometimes the mother wound can be triggered in a coaching relationship. This is a beautiful opportunity for deep healing. The ego can also throw a tantrum or distract us and give us reasons to quit when we are on the verge of a big breakthrough or shift. If you show up to our calls, even when you don’t feel like it or life gets busy, I will guide you through this. If you feel you need more support in this, I recommend adding Telegram chat support.

There are many layers to peel through on your journey inwards. While some blocks can be transmuted immediately, other patterns may take longer to shift. I realize it takes courage to stay on the path. 

This investment is a commitment to explore your growth, create a deeper connection with your Soul, create alignment with your purpose, rise above disempowering patterns, and embody your shifts (beyond mindset alone). I will hold you in your highest vision and see you in your power.

This is a commitment to the full length of the container you enter. You also have freedom of choice. If you choose to discontinue sessions, the full financial investment of the container is still required. 

Due to the nature of the program, I do not offer refunds. However, I’m here to support your growth in the best way possible.

I cannot control how you show up to the container, so I am unable to guarantee results. I am here to support you and facilitate your transformation. If you stay committed to the journey, I’m confident you’ll see incredible shifts. You will likely experience noticeable shifts during our container, and your integration will continue far beyond the container. This is an investment into growth that will continue far beyond our time together.

Yes! Payment plan options are listed on the order form. Click the Buy Now button to learn more.

Click the button to purchase and either pay in full or via payment plan. Payment plans will be automated monthly.

Published rates are subject to change at anytime. I operate energetically, and change rates according to what feels energetically aligned. Current rates are an incredible value. I do not know how long they will be valid for.

If you enter into a coaching container, the pricing in your agreement will be locked in for the duration of your agreement.

Once your agreement is complete, if you wish to continue, your new agreement will be based on current rates that the time of the new agreement. This is one of the benefits of a longer container.

Purchase through the button above or this link: https://rise.tiffanyjade.com/1-1-order-form

Once payment is made, you will receive a link to schedule our sessions. 

Please read all FAQ first. I will update here if I am at capacity for private clients