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Black Friday Breathwork Special

Access new levels of possibility through the healing power of 1:1 virtual breathwork at a breathtaking special price

Winter Solstice Circle

Sonoma County, California

Leave the past behind and step into 2022 with your intentions anchored
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Hi! I'm Tiffany

A Soul Alignment Guide, Intuitive Coach, and Facilitator of Healing. I love to read, dance, and listen to ocean waves crashing on the shore while the sun glistens on the surface ripples. I am dedicated to help you shed the layers of social conditioning to reveal the light inside of you and align with your unique path.

“Your meditation and affirmation session was profound. It blew my mind how much I felt a connection to your work. You guided me to a place of trust and I was able to let my guard down and receive. Thank you Tiffany!”

Full Moon & New Moon Breathwork Journeys

Harness the powerful energy of the moon to alchemize what is no longer serving you, bringing you more into alignment with your unique soul path

Set your intentions and allow the subconscious mind to work its magic.

Find Home Within

1:1 Coaching & Healing

Find home within and align with your unique path by reconnecting to your intuition and the divine feminine. Through shadow work, healing, and channeled guidance, I will help you shed layers of social conditioning to embody with your truest self, your soul, your purpose.

Group Events

Attune to higher frequencies and call in your intentions. Let go of what is no longer in alignment. As women gather in circle, we create a synergy that is much greater than the sum of the individuals.

I'm available to lead circles, ceremonies, and breathwork sessions for coaching containers, masterminds, and groups of friends.


Breathwork allows your body to access and transmute unprocessed emotions and traumas that have been stuck in the body, allowing you to access new possibilities in life.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you longing for something more? You know something is missing, but you can't quite place it. If you know that there's something deeper, something more, aching to break free and be expressed within you...you are in the right place. You might be feeling stuck in self doubt, resistance, people pleasing, fear. Maybe you've heard of shadow work, but don't know where to start. It's time to alchemize those blocks and step into your power. To unleash your inner knowing and let your light shine.

"Using words to describe such a magical session is hard. Every step of the guided meditation with Tiffany opened my heart to receive and allow my female energy to express and soar.  I felt allowed, held, and powerful. Thank you dear sister."

Johanna Salazar

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So often, we shape ourselves to how society tells us we should be, do, and act. The journey of shedding those layers of social conditioning allows us to connect to our true selves. Our souls. Our purpose.

"I’ve just had an Akashic records reading with Tiffany and a healing session. Both were absolutely amazing. The way Tiffany channels spirit and her higher self into the appointments is absolutely incredible. I can’t even describe it. I’ve witnessed her walk a friend of mine through a massive breakthrough which was so beautiful to watch and now I can say I’ve just had one for myself! She’s helped me release stuck emotions that I was carrying for far too long. She combines her own knowledge and wisdom with knowings channeled from spirit to give the BEST advice and guidance. Master of creating a safe space for you to heal, transmute what’s no longer serving you, and level up! Having Tiffany to work with is a total game changer and is going to elevate my life and business in every way! Thank you Tiff!"
- Emily Brandt

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